Helping farmers thrive with data.

Helping farmers thrive with data.

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Obtaining and acting on relevant data is key to improving business outcomes and changing lives. A staggering amount of data is produced every day, and using tech-enabled solutions to manage it and yield greater returns seems like the obvious answer. However, such solutions often go overlooked because users are reluctant to change their behaviour.

Well-designed technological tools must incorporate an understanding of existing user behaviour, or include nudges that encourage people to adopt desired behaviours.

At this Grow Asia Hackathon, we want to examine a range of services that at their core revolve around data and how that data can be used to improve operations, promote sustainability, and improve incomes and the quality of life of smallholder farmers.




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Smallholder farmers face financial challenges constantly due to many demands on their modest cash reserves. A lack of proper planning coupled with low financial literacy can hurt their livelihood. In recent years, FinTech solutions have emerged to provide further options for them to access finance.

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Drones & Smart Irrigation

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Drones and smart irrigation enable farmers to increase productivity, enhance yield and be more sustainable. Both have worked well elsewhere, but they will require compelling use cases and scalable business models in localised context to gain greater adoption in Southeast Asia.

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Traceability & Sustainability

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Palm oil’s traceability is a challenge due to its complex supply chain. Certifications to manage farming operations and supply chain are unable to deliver real-time enabling information, preventing smallholder farmers’ participation in the supply chain.

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Win support from a Corporate Partner to pilot your solution!

Selected teams will receive a pilot opportunity with our corporate partners, to develop and implement their solution for real-world impact! Winners also stand a chance to win cash prizes from a pool of SGD 18,000!

This is your chance to drive positive outcomes with your ideas. We invite AgriTech startups, tech innovators, and agripreneurs in Singapore and Indonesia to come together, co-create solutions and make a difference to the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

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All shortlisted teams will be invited to Pitch Day in Singapore.

Pitch clinics for teams outside Singapore will be conducted remotely.

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Established by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the ASEAN Secretariat, Grow Asia brings together companies, governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders to help smallholder farmers improve their production and livelihood through access to information, knowledge, markets, and finance.

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