A digital platform to help farmers who want to send their children to university, by helping them set up a savings plan and a bank account.


Establish a network of franchisees to take drone photographs of farmers’ plots.  The images will provide farmers with insights on water needs, ground level, pests and diseases.


Using mobile phone based forms which are intuitive and GPS tagged to record data on palm oil farms to support traceability and certification.

Digi Agri

Allows retailers of fertilisers and crop protection products to establish a customer’s credit in under an hour, facilitating loans at the point of sale.  


A tiny low-cost soil sensor which allows farmers to track the soil moisture and sequence watering around actual crop needs.  Compiled together with satellite and other data, the system can generate a credit score.


Habibi Garden

A sensor cluster linked to the cloud that provides insights to farmers, cutting irrigation costs and predicting disease outbreaks before they occur.


A platform that connects agricultural science graduates with a small group of farmers, allowing the graduates and farmers to work together, splitting the profits between them.


Empowers village level agripreneurs to collect a range of farmer data, to allow formal lenders to finance critical farm inputs.


A digital platform which farmer cooperatives can use to store member data, and trade as a collective.


Allows farmers on environmentally sustainable farms to tag their products with a DNA spray, using a barcode on the spray to validate the origin of each batch.