FAQ for Process and Logistics

What is the entire process?

To begin with, we will invite interested participants to make a quick submission of their idea online. These submissions will be evaluated and the top 15 teams in both Indonesia and Singapore will be shortlisted to attend the respective hackathon weekends (29-30 June for Indonesia and 6-7 July for Singapore). The top five teams at the end of each two-day hackathon will be shortlisted to pitch at Pitch Day in Singapore. The top teams at Pitch Day will stand to win cash prizes and pilot opportunity with corporate partners.

What is the closing date for submissions?

We will accept submissions until Wednesday, 19 June for Indonesia, and Wednesday, 26 June for Singapore. We encourage you to make your submission early.

Is there a cost or registration fee to participate?

Participation is free. If you are shortlisted from the hackathon in Jakarta, Indonesia, we will cover the cost of travel to Singapore to participate in Pitch Day.

I am not based in Singapore or Jakarta. Can I still participate?

We welcome you to participate in the hackathon. You may send in a submission, to begin with. If selected, you will have to make your own travel arrangements to the hackathon venue either in Jakarta or Singapore.

How many people can be in a team? Must I form a team beforehand?

A team should contain between 3-5 members. If you don’t have a team yet, don’t worry! You can meet up with like-minded innovators at the launch workshop in your city.

Is there any age limit for participants?

Yes, we will only consider participants age 18 and above.

What exactly will happen during the two-day hackathon?

It is intended to be a fun work event, where startups and innovators work on their ideas in teams with the support of Mentors and Subject Matter Experts.

On the first day of the hackathon, teams will begin working on their ideas on site. A range of expert mentors will be present to help you develop your idea and prototype. Most of the first day will be work time, so please remember to bring your laptops and any other equipment and materials you might need to work. Food and beverages are provided throughout.

On the second day, you’ll deliver a practice pitch of your idea, and receive feedback on your presentation before delivering a final pitch to a panel of judges.

The top five teams at the end of each two-day hackathon will be shortlisted to pitch at Pitch Day in Singapore. The top teams at Pitch Day will stand to win cash prizes.

FAQ on Skills and Ideas

Do I have to be a tech or data specialist to participate?

Not necessary. We welcome people with different skillsets and would expect everyone to contribute to their respective teams. We may ask you to indicate what kind of participant you are at registration, so we know the mix.

Can I use a solution that my startup is already working on?

Yes, you can. During the submission and hackathon, you should explain how your solution fits the challenge statements. It is recommended for you to customise your solution based on the feedback from Mentors and Subject Matter Experts during the hackathon, so as to be able to pitch to the corporate partners a viable pilot idea.

Are the participants free to use any technology or database?

Yes, you are free to use any technology, but we recommend you use the technologies made available to you by our tech partners as they relate closely to the challenge statements. You are free to use any external datasets that complement or mash-up with any datasets released for this hackathon. You shall be responsible for the appropriate use of these external datasets, subject to the originators’ terms and conditions.

What if my idea does not answer any of the challenge statement?

The broader theme of this hackathon is to use technology to help smallholder farmers in the region prosper. We will consider your solution so long as it fits this theme. Regardless of whether it directly answers one of our challenges, it will be a good opportunity for you to validate your ideas and showcase it to our corporate partners.

Must I work with the corporate partners on a pilot project if I win at Pitch Day?

We would love for all the winning solutions to produce real-world impact with our corporate partners. The formation of a pilot project would depend on the mutual agreement between the winning team and the corporate partner concerned. Our partners will consider running pilot projects with teams on a case-by-case basis.