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Smallholder farmers, regardless of crop type, face financial challenges constantly due to the many demands on their modest cash reserves.  In addition to farming expenses, pressure comes from multiple aspects of their lives: their children’s education, home maintenance, medical bills, etc.

Without proper planning that takes into account all incoming and outgoing flows, and the timing, farmers can find themselves unable to meet critical commitments.  This can cause a reliance on short-term solutions from dealer finance or other non-traditional financiers, given that the farmers lack credit profiles for formal bank finance.   

They may not fully understand important details of a loan product, including the effective interest rates, because of low financial literacy.  These types of finance options in turn impact the farmers’ livelihood.  In recent years, FinTech solutions like iAPPS and crowdfunding solutions have emerged to provide further options for smallholder farmers to access finance.

Challenge Statements

How might we enable smallholder farmers to better plan and manage their cash flow, understand and evaluate the impact of decisions around the sources and uses of their funds, and ultimately act on these choices to achieve better and sustainable financial outcomes for their farming operation and family?

How might we enable smallholder farmers to access more formal and affordable financing through positive transformation of the role that existing intermediaries play?

Drones & Smart Irrigation

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Precision agriculture includes optimising the use of inputs and water, enabling farmers to be reduce cost and enhance yield while becoming more sustainable.  Two key precision agriculture technologies are drones and smart irrigation. 

Drones use for agriculture in recent years has grown rapidly in China.  Using drones for crop spraying, for example, brings many benefits for farmers including increased productivity, lower chemical use, and reduced health risks.  Drones can also be used for aerial surveying, diagnostics, data collection to facilitate risk assessments, and pest and disease control, which might extend to advisory services for more precise farming.  

Smart irrigation not only monitors and optimises water use, it enables farmers to deliver nutrients closer to the plant, improving the yield and health of crops.

Both drones and smart irrigation have worked well elsewhere, they will require compelling use cases and scalable business models in localised context to gain greater adoption in Southeast Asia.  The data generated can be useful not just to farmers, but also other actors in value chains.


Challenge Statement

How might we develop scalable and commercial uses, programmes and new digital business models to enable farmers to leverage precision agriculture technologies such as drones and smart irrigation in their farming operations?

Traceability & Sustainability

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Palm oil’s supply chain complexity, with multiple aggregation points and processing steps, poses a challenge for explicit first-mile traceability, quality tracking, and smallholder engagement.  

A range of certifications, such as those for the palm oil ecosystem, have been adopted to assess and monitor farming operations and the supply chain, to provide assurance on the source of the produce and the environmental impact.  The associated processes are typically manpower intensive and time consuming, and they are challenged to deliver real-time enabling information which in turn impact smallholder farmers’ participation in the supply chain.

Challenge Statement

How might we use new technologies such as DNA-based tagging solutions to provide assurance on how the produce has been managed and sourced?



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